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Copenhagen Airports International A/S (CAI) is 100% owned subsidiary of Copenhagen Airports A/S (CPH) and provides advisory and management services to airports and airport investors

It’s been quite a while since airports were considered simple, dull, always public and monopolistic. Today airports increasingly compete for passengers and airlines, and poor service and inefficiency is not accepted. Meanwhile most airport owners, whether public or private, have the ambition that their airport should be among the best in the world. This significantly increases the requirements to airport management and managers.   

Copenhagen Airports International A/S (CAI) is 100% owned subsidiary of Copenhagen Airports A/S (CPH) and provides advisory and management services to airports and airport investors. These services are based on CPH’s extensive and successful experience operating an airport on a commercial basis where quality, efficiency, profitability and capacity utilisation are key criteria. Further these services are based on CAI’s proven ability to transfer this experience successfully to its airport assets in Mexico, China and the UK.

CAI has a small core team of professionals with many years of extensive airport management and advisory experience from Copenhagen and abroad. On ad-hoc basis CAI has access to a number of world class specialists within the CPH organization.

When hiring CAI for a project you will get a professional who is not only experienced himself, but who has access to the knowledge and support of world class specialists within all airport disciplines- in short you get access to some of the best and most up to date knowledge within airport management.

Mikael Sjørslev 
Director Copenhagen Airports International A/S 
Lufthavnsboulevarden 6 
2770 Kastrup 

Copenhagen Airport International's (CAI) services

Capacity Management and Optimisation 
Airport business is capital intensive and deploying new capital (capacity) too early, too late or in an inappropriate way will destroy value for owners and for airport users. Further inefficient use of infrastructure compromise quality and service levels.

Traditionally bottleneck and service issues are addressed by developing new infrastructure. However, constant focus on optimizing processes and procedures will allow airports to increase infrastructure utilisation and at the same time deliver world class service. 

Are you short on check-in capacity, security, baggage, gates, stands etc. or do you experience service level issues? Hiring CAI your airport will have access to a unique set of tools, skills and knowledge addressing these issues.

Transaction services 
The CAI team has extensive experience from airport privatisations and tender processes, both as bidder and advisor. This combined with real and up to date operating experience enables us to offer due diligence and forecasting services within

  • Operations
  • Airport capacity and dimensioning
  • Commercial revenues
  • Staffing and operational expenses

In addition hereto we can act as your due diligence, business plan and transaction manager

360° Business Assessments 
To become or to stay among the best performing airport businesses in the world airports should focus on continuous improvement. Can you improve?

From numerous acquisition projects and through development and implementation of business plans at our airports, the CAI team has many years of experience identifying areas with improvement potential.

A solid understanding of all disciplines across airport business combined with a strong commercial attitude enables us to perform a 360° assessment identifying areas in which you may be able to improve performance, define a strategy and a plan for how to implement it.

Operating Partner 
Based on our experience as operating partner in the UK, Mexico and China combined with our operational experience in Copenhagen we can act as long term “Operating Partner” in airport transactions.

While pension funds, infrastructure funds and other financial investors provide financing we can provide the operational expertise and experience securing delivery of value enhancing projects and business plans once a transaction is completed.

We offer to do this under long term management / service agreements where we can second key management positions in addition to providing specific project advice.