Terms of Use and Slot

Terms of use for operations in Copenhagen Airport

CPH Terms of Use

CPH Go Prequalification

The document beneath contains guidelines regarding the request from airline companies on access to operate at CPH Go at Copenhagen Airport:

CPH Go Prequalification Guidelines

All relevant forms to be filled in regarding flights to and from CPH are available at the website of the Danish Civil Aviation Administration at www.trafikstyrelsen.dk/EN

Business Traffic, Taxi Flights and General Aviation

This type of customer are expected to follow CPH’s Terms of Use. All flights must have an agreement about ground handling at CPH. With the exception of flights that have a payment agreement with CPH Finance, all other non-registered customers flying into Copenhagen Airport must pay Airport Charges for CPH in advance of their operations.

For further information and exact calculation of Airport Charges please send an e-mail and/or below required information to E-INVOICING@CPH.DK.

Required information:

  • Scheduled traffic program (arrival/departure) including information of total number passengers per leg
  • Aircraft information: Aircraft type, Maximum take-off weight, Max seat capacity and Engine UID code
  • Customer / Billing information must be sent in advance

Please download the Customer Master data form and send in the information to E-INVOICING@CPH.DK.

Slots at Copenhagen Airport

All slots at Copenhagen Airport are coordinated by Airport Coordination Denmark.

See http://www.airportcoordination.com/ for further details.

Contact Corporate Accounting

Amir Gulzar Shah
Controller Assistant, Corporate Accounting
E: amir.shah@cph.dk
P: +45 3231 2276

Roskilde Airport - the GA alternative

Please note that our associated airport Roskilde Airport is specialized in dealing with Business traffic, Taxi flights and General Aviation. Hence, Roskilde might be a good alternative for your flight.

Roskilde Airport is a small exclusive GA airport with an attractive location near Copenhagen. Due to a fast transit time after landing in Roskilde Airport, Copenhagen City is only 30 minutes away.

Learn more about RKE