Agreement with the airlines on future airport charges at Copenhagen Airport - CPH

Copenhagen Airports and the largest airlines have settled the terms and conditions for a new four-year agreement on charges for the use of runways, terminals, and services. The agreement forms the foundation of CPH’s finances and our ability to invest in the future to maintain our position as an international transport hub. 


After having negotiated for several months, the airlines and Copenhagen Airports have reached an agreement on the main elements of a four-year agreement on those charges, airlines will be paying for using the airport’s runways, terminals, and services.


The coming agreement is with the largest airlines operating in Copenhagen Airport - SAS and Norwegian.


“We have had a good and constructive negotiation process. With an agreement in place, CPH and the airlines will have predictability on the business for the coming years as well as a common platform for the cooperation on e.g., investments, route development, operational efficiency and the green transition,” says Copenhagen Airport CEO, Thomas Woldbye.


Airport charges have decreased 9% since 2017. Now, with the coming agreement covering the period from 1. January 2024 to 31 December 2027, the charges for using the airport’s runways, terminals and services will initially increase by 28% - corresponding to a rise on average from DKK 170 to DKK 217 per passenger.


“The charges airlines pay for using the airport constitute the foundation of our finances and our ability to invest in the airport of the future, the green transition and to maintain our position as the key international transport hub of Denmark and northern Europe,” says Thomas Woldbye.


With the coming agreement, CPH follows the trend among other major non-government owned European airports who have adjusted their charges.


“Copenhagen Airport will remain competitive price-wise and, not least, in terms of quality of service and efficiency,” says Thomas Woldbye.


The key elements agreed will now be formalised and presented to those airlines not part of the agreement and subsequently presented to the Danish Civil Aviation and Railway Authority for approval.


When approved by the Authorities, the new charges will be effective from 1 January 2024 until 31 December 2027. As the agreement will not enter into force until the New Year, it will not affect the guidance provided for the current financial year.