Spring is in the air and traffic is growing at Copenhagen Airport

With a traffic flow of almost two million passengers, this was the busiest March at Copenhagen Airport for three years. The number of passengers increased by 40 per cent compared to the same month last year. The airlines have now begun their summer schedules, and it promises to be a busy summer with many travellers passing through Denmark’s largest airport.  

Copenhagen Airport welcomed 1,981,682 passengers during the first spring month of the year. For many travellers, the first day of their Easter holidays coincided with CPH’s busiest day of the month: 31 March when 81,866 passengers passed through the airport terminals en route to destinations around the world.


“Spring means holiday for many of our travellers. The many statutory holidays of the season make this an ideal time for a short trip abroad, and it’s clear that the appetite for travel is alive and well, whether it be to sunny southern climes or a scintillating city. It seems that traffic continues to climb, and we’re very pleased about welcoming 563,000 more passengers this March than last year,” says Peter Krogsgaard, Chief Commercial Officer of Copenhagen Airports A/S.


London is once again the top destination out of Copenhagen Airport, but Istanbul, Málaga and Milan are all back among the top ten destinations of the month.


Impressive summer schedules out of Copenhagen
The airlines opened their summer schedules at the end of March, offering 162 direct routes from Copenhagen to destinations around the world. Several airlines have introduced new, exciting summer routes and stepped up the number of departures from CPH.


“We can tell from the airlines’ summer schedules that it’ll be a busy summer at Copenhagen Airport. Demand is growing, and Mediterranean destinations tend to attract a lot of passengers over the summer. Obviously, the airlines are well aware of that, and they’re ready to open new routes and to add more departures – and at the airport, we’re ready to welcome the extra passengers,” says Krogsgaard.


This year’s summer schedules include no less than 26 new routes out of Copenhagen. SAS and Norwegian, the two largest carriers at Copenhagen Airport, will open 17 routes between them over the summer, and both will also be adding new departures on existing routes, especially to accommodate passengers with their eyes on southern European destinations.


More seats to Mediterranean destinations
The many new routes and increased number of departures will bring airline capacity close to pre-pandemic levels. Overall during the summer, there will be almost 11 million seats on flights in and out of Copenhagen, which equals 90 per cent of the seat capacity in the summer of 2019.


With an increase to 383,000 over the summer, Turkey accounts for the largest increase in seat numbers. That is 17 per cent more than the 2019 figure. For Mediterranean destinations like France and Spain, seat capacity will climb by nine and five per cent respectively.
With 789,000 seats in the summer schedules, Spain is the most popular destination in southern


Europe, ahead of France (630,000) and Italy (613,000). Nevertheless, Norway and the UK are the most popular destination countries out of Copenhagen Airport at some 1 million seats each during the summer period.


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