Copenhagen Airport serve up hyped brunch to travelers

The Union Kitchen will open their fourth location (3 restaurants & The Union Local cocktail bar) on Danish soil when they open up their doors on January 23rd for the hungry travelers at Copenhagen Airport with breakfast, brunch, coffee, cocktails and a selection of all day crowd pleasers that people will know from their menus.  

Tourists and Dane alike stand side by side to get a seat at the popular Copenhagen restaurant which is a long-standing member of the Copenhagen scene and amongst one of the most popular and hyped restaurants since its inception in Copenhagen.


The well-known brunch darling opened in Copenhagen in 2014, and now visitors can add this to the list of to-dos for the airport shopping area after security. The opening of The Union Kitchen is also an addition that we are very much looking forward to presenting to airport guests:


"We are constantly trying to put together a selection that creates experiences for the travelers to and from Copenhagen Airport. We want to create a local feeling from the moment you step foot into the terminals, and The Union Kitchen's atmosphere and delicious dishes are just such an experience, our customers appreciate. We look forward to being able to invite travelers inside and taste the iconic brunch amongst other favorites which is a new category with us," says Michael Clausen, director of the shopping center in Copenhagen airport.


Behind The Union Kitchen stands Briton Paul Karkov Muldowney, who created success and hype previously with several cocktail bars in the city before starting The Union Kitchen because he saw a gap in the breakfast & brunch market which then quickly extended to include meatballs as the night focus. The interest is no less today than it has been for the last 9 years with people still queuing up to get brunch, burgers & balls and we hope to translate this fun but relaxed atmosphere to the airport.


After traveling the world Paul wanted to bring a taste of travels to Copenhagen and felt that the airport was the perfect place to do this so in essence you can travel before you travel and taste the best of our dishes from around the world.


"We want to focus on creating a stress-free, approachable for all experience, even if the time available at the airport is far shorter than the average restaurant visit and to make absolutely everybody feel welcome. In addition to the well-known dishes such as our burgers, brunch & balls we intend to focus on our cocktail menu so if you need a bloody Mary with Bacon or a jalapeño cucumber margarita before you board you will be in the right place. Also available is our range of to go bottled cocktails for when you forget to buy gifts, or you just need to get your holiday started early! In addition, we have done a range of custom items for the airport including our Union El Hefe Pilsner which has now been canned for us by Svaneke Bryghus and a range of merchandise like t shirts, hoodies, totes" says Paul Muldowney, founder of The Union Kitchen and continues:


"Copenhagen Airport is one of the world's most beautiful airports with a completely unique offering for travelers and I think our concept will hit the spot. To be exposed to millions of travelers annually is an exciting prospect and we are looking forward to the challenge and to creating an experience so that Danish and international travelers can start their journey in the best way possible as soon as they've checked in and gone through security”


Coffee is also available to-go and it is, as you know from The Union Kitchen, naturally added with creativity and some custom messages to send you on your way designed uniquely for Copenhagen Airport.


The Union Kitchen opens on January 19.
Open daily from 6:00 a.m. to 10 p.m