CPH traffic report: 1.2 million passengers in July

The appetite for travel clearly ramped up in July, as the number of travellers more than doubled compared to the month before. A total of 1.2 million travellers passed through the terminals in July – though that still equates to no more than 40 per cent of the traffic during a normal July pre-COVID. 

The joy of travel has returned and the familiar special atmosphere of excitement is once again permeating through the terminals at Copenhagen Airport. There are more routes available, more passengers and more shops and eateries are opening. Sunday 25 July was the busiest day so far this year with 50,908 passengers.

“Life is returning to the terminals! Things are finally looking up after fifteen months of crisis and the first four months of 2021 resembling 1962 with merely 5,000 daily passengers. Compared to June, the number of passengers more than doubled in July, from about half a million to 1.2 million,” says Chief Commercial Officer Peter Krogsgaard.

With more than 180 routes to choose from and terminals where the tax-free shop, lounges and, so far, more than forty speciality shops and eateries have reopened, Copenhagen Airport is starting to look like its old familiar self.

“We’re reopening at the same rate as passengers are returning. We’ve now reached 40 per cent of the normal number of passengers. It made a big difference in July that the Danish Corona Passport works well and that Continental Europe is currently green and amber in the travel guidelines. This means that we can travel – though of course we still have to take precautions and observe the rules that are necessary in a Europe where COVID-19 is still very much part of our lives day to day. We’re not out of the woods yet and there’s still the risk of a surge in infections in Europe this autumn,” explains Krogsgaard.

Feeling safe and secure is key
With a drop of 80 per cent, the long-haul routes out of Europe are particularly hard hit by the COVID-19 crisis, whereas the European routes have reached 40 per cent of their usual traffic volume.

“We’ve conducted surveys of passengers’ experiences and wishes and the results show that security and safety feature prominently and that the passengers are happy with the arrangements and level of information at the airport. By far the majority of travellers come well prepared and are aware that they must follow international rules and wear masks, observe social distancing, leave family and friends outside the terminals and expect to wait slightly longer at check-in, as everyone needs to have their travel documents checked,” says Krogsgaard.

Danes went for beach holidays
At the height of the pandemic during the winter 2020–2021, only some 30 per cent of the seats were sold on the very few flights that went ahead.

“We note that the average load factor on the many flights leaving Copenhagen is currently above 65 per cent – that’s double the percentage achieved during the winter months. We hope this positive trend will continue,” concludes Krogsgaard.

Looking at the Top 10 of summer destinations, it is clear that Spain is the Danish favourite holiday destination with Palma de Mallorca taking the top spot and Málaga coming in as the third most popular destination in July. The Greek resort of Chania on the island of Crete also features on the current Top 10.

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