Danes Travel Further This Easter

Copenhagen Airport has got its hands full, sending off sun-starved travellers during Easter week. Over the coming days, more than 1 million people will be flying off for their Easter holiday. This year, long-haul destinations are a big hit. 

If you travelled this time last year, you would have witnessed lots of people wrapped up in warm outerwear, all lugging round skis on their luggage trolleys.
This year when the Easter travelling kicks off, the scene will be quite different. People are heading for sunnier and warmer climates, and long-haul journeys to Asia are particularly popular.

“From the trips that are already booked, we can see that holidaymakers have gone for two types of destinations this Easter. Holidays to big cities, where the weather is already a bit warmer than here at home, are a big attraction. But we are also seeing a trend for long-haul international flights. Travellers are taking a few extra days off work and flying to Thailand, while many people are travelling via the Middle East to the likes of Bali, Vietnam, and other exotic destinations”, says Peter Krogsgaard, Copenhagen Airport's Commercial Director.

More than 1 million travellers
The fact that Danes have grabbed the opportunity to start the Easter break early is evident from the days that are set to become the busiest travel days at Copenhagen Airport. The busiest day of the holiday season is set to be Friday 12 April. where we are looking at more than 100,000 travellers for the first time this year.

“The airlines will be sending a huge number of travellers on their way and bringing almost as many back to Denmark. Right now we forecast that there will be just over 100,000 travellers on that day alone. It goes without saying that we are ready for Easter, so we can make sure all the airlines’ passengers have a positive experience when they visit our airport”, says the Commercial Director.

When the numerous travellers return home at the end of Easter, the Airport expects Easter Monday to be the busiest. Approximately 90,000 travellers will pass through the Airport’s doors on this day. But Friday 26 April and Sunday 28 April will also be busy.

During the Easter period - from 11 April up to and including 22 April - the airport expects more than 1 million people to travel through CPH.

Tips for travelling over Easter

  • Check in at home, if you can.
  • Make sure your hand luggage is ready for the security check. Place liquids and electronic goods at the top, so you can easily take them out. Remember that liquids must be in small, 100 ml containers, and that all containers must be in a single, 1 litre bag. You can pick up a bag just outside the security checkpoint. Have your liquids ready to be placed in the bag.

If you are travelling far, it is a good idea to wear comfortable clothes and shoes for the flight.

The busiest travel days over the Easter break will be:


Estimated number of travellers

Thursday 11 April


Friday 12 April


Wednesday 17 April


Sunday 21 April (Easter Sunday)


Monday 22 April (Easter Monday)