Copenhagen Airports: New climate foundation is crucial for the green transition in Danish aviation

Copenhagen Airports fully supports establishing the Aviation Climate Foundation. The initiative is a milestone in the efforts to ensure a green transition of Danish aviation. 

By proposing a new climate foundation, the Danish aviation industry is taking a decisive step towards securing financing for a greener aviation industry in Denmark. Therefore, Copenhagen Airports supports the new climate foundation, which brings together the Danish aviation industry on a joint climate initiative for the first time.

 “In the industry, we have set goals to do something effective in relation to the climate and reduce CO2 emissions. Now, we turn our words into action with the proposal to create a climate foundation. For Copenhagen Airports it has been natural for us to actively participate in a joint effort to unify the industry on this initiative,” says Thomas Woldbye, CEO of Copenhagen Airports.

In total, the new and independent climate foundation is expected to generate somewhat DKK 250-300 million annually targeted at initiatives towards a more climate-friendly aviation industry. The funds for the foundation are provided by charging a small amount per passenger flying from a Danish airport. The specific design of the climate foundation will be set in a new climate partnership, which the Danish aviation industry has just proposed to establish in a letter to the Danish government.

“The Aviation Climate Foundation will become an engine for the green transition of the Danish aviation industry. With the foundation, the industry shows responsibility and initiative, and ultimately it is only the industry itself who can secure the change that is required with regard to the climate,” says Thomas Woldbye.


For further comments please contact Kenni Leth, Head of Media Relations, Copenhagen Airports, tel +4532312800.