Cheaper for airlines to fly from Copenhagen Airport

It will be cheaper for airlines to fly from Copenhagen Airport and, at the same time, the foundation for the airport to continue its ambitious expansion plan has been secured. That is the result of the charges agreement, that the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority has approved today for the period between 1 April 2019 and the end of 2023.  

It will be cheaper for airlines to fly from Copenhagen Airport. The charges agreement that the Transport, Construction and Housing Authority approved today lowers charges by approx. 5% effective as of 1 April of this year, in addition to the approx. 10% charge reduction effective from 1 April 2018:

“With the new, lowered charges, CPH retains its position as one of the most inexpensive major airports in Europe to fly from. At the same time, the structure of charges supports our position as a hub airport where it is easy and fast to change flights, and the agreement strengthens our competitiveness in relation to the other airports in Northern Europe,” explains Thomas Woldbye, CEO of Københavns Lufthavne A/S (Copenhagen Airports).

At the same time, he is pleased that the new agreement, that runs until the end of 2023, simultaneously secures the financial foundation that makes it possible for CPH to expand the airport and thereby keep up with the demand from increasing numbers of Danish and foreign travellers to be able to fly to and from Copenhagen.

“In 2018 alone, we spent close to 2 billion DKK on expanding the airport, and we have ambitions to continue to expand in the coming years. With the new charges agreement, we have secured the financial foundation for Copenhagen Airport that makes it possible for us to continue the fast pace of our expansion to the benefit of all travellers. A bigger airport will give Danes more possibilities to travel the world and give Danish companies even better access to global markets,” says Thomas Woldbye, highlighting that the agreement contributes to achieving the goals of the government’s aviation strategy,

“We wholly support the goal of increasing Denmark’s international connectivity which the government presented in its aviation strategy. That connectivity is achieved in particular through more direct routes to the rest of the world, and that is naturally where we play an important part. Therefore, it has been crucial for us that we get a charges agreement that makes it possible for us to continue to expand the airport so that we can accommodate more flights and more passengers,” says Thomas Woldbye.

Thomas Woldbye is satisfied that once again the airport and the major airlines have succeeded in reaching an agreement:

“Our customers are the airlines, and it is crucial that we listen to their wishes and needs - both during daily operations and when expanding the airport. That is why I am happy that we succeeded in reaching a commercial agreement with key airlines, and I would like to thank the airlines for the good and constructive negotiations we have had,” says Thomas Woldbye.