Holiday season under way at Copenhagen Airport

The busy Easter period falling in April this year and not in March as in 2016 meant that passenger numbers fell by 0.2 % in March, wholly in line with expectations. However, the holiday season is already off to a flying start at Copenhagen Airport - with, among other things, 15 new routes on offer to passengers. 

With 2.279.244 passengers in March, Copenhagen Airport was slightly less busy than in the same month last year. To be precise: 4.367 fewer passengers passed through the terminals.

"The reason for the 0.2% drop in numbers is that Easterfalls in April this year and not in March as it did last year. And this is noticeable in the traffic figures for the month," explains Thomas Woldbye, CEO of Copenhagen Airport.

However, domestic traffic experienced a significant growth spurt, increasing by 5.9% in March.

Overall, the first three months of the year have seen total growth of 2.3% in passenger numbers to 6.243.782. This figure breaks down into growth of 3.5% domestically, 1.9% on European flights and 4 % on long-haul intercontinental routes.

Thomas Woldbye also notes that the holiday season is well under way, with the Easter period in April and the many new routes the airlines have announced, comprising both all-year and summer-only flights - 15 in total.

"There are many new travel opportunities opening up to passengers at Copenhagen Airport: south to Thessaloniki and Turin, for example, east to Kiev and Riga, and north to Tórshavn in the Faroe Islands. And there's also a new long-haul route to Oakland, San Francisco. This means there are even more destinations and airlines to choose from this year when it comes to planning a short break or a summer holiday," says Thomas Woldbye.

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