New air cargo centre at Copenhagen Airport

German developer to build new 20,000 m2 air cargo centre at Copenhagen Airport. Air cargo growing in importance for Danish companies. 

Copenhagen Airport has signed an agreement with German developer AXXUS Capital to develop a brand-new air cargo centre in the eastern part of the airport. The new centre will occupy around 20,000 m2 and is expected to be ready within two years.

“Air cargo is vital for a major international airport such as CPH, so it’s been important for us to find a partner that can both improve and develop our cargo services,” says Copenhagen Airport’s Chief Commercial Officer, Peter Krogsgaard. “We’ve found that partner in AXXUS, which is a specialist in developing air cargo facilities.”

A large and growing proportion of cargo is currently flown not in specialised cargo aircraft, but in the baggage holds of passenger aircraft as so-called belly cargo.

“Especially on the long-haul intercontinental air routes, belly cargo is a particularly important part of the business,” says Peter Krogsgaard. “This cargo can make up more than 10% of revenue on a route. Today, belly cargo accounts for 40% of the total tonnage at CPH and is up 7% this year. We’re actively working to attract even more long-haul routes, so it’s an important part of our strategy to create a good platform for air cargo at CPH.”

Investment of DKK 300 million

AXXUS Capital will develop and build the new air cargo centre, which will be located in the remaining vacant space in the airport’s current cargo area and thus have its own direct access to airside.

“The new cargo centre will have state-of-the-art technology and support both automated and manual processes. In terms of safety, it will be of the highest standard with separate areas for all safety levels, and there will also be optimal conditions for refrigerated facilities, which are vital for many customers in, for example, the pharmaceutical industry,” says AXXUS Capital CEO Markus Wolf.

AXXUS Capital is investing DKK 300 million in developing the new centre:

“We see huge potential in developing air cargo at Copenhagen Airport. In the coming years, there will be an even greater need for good air cargo facilities for handling the growing cargo volumes to and from China and other places,” says Markus Wolf.

Copenhagen Capacity, Greater Copenhagen's official organisation for investment, promotion and business development, agrees that there is a growing need for air cargo:

“Greater Copenhagen is increasingly popular amongst international logistic companies, and with their first investment in Scandinavia, Axxus Capital further cements the region’s position as the growing hotspot for global logistics,” says Copenhagen Capacity’s CEO, Claus Lønborg. “The new €40 million air cargo centre will not only strengthen the competitiveness of Nordic and international import and export companies, it will also create a platform for further growth. We look forward to the ongoing collaboration with AXXUS Capital and wish them every success in Denmark.”

The new air cargo center will be situated in the eastern part of the airport, marked with red on the map below