Wood Wood opens in Copenhagen Airport

The danish fashion- and lifestyle brand Wood Wood opens a new store in Copenhagen Airport, and welcomes travelers to a shopping experience in genuine Copenhagen style.  

The opening of Wood Wood happens as a part of a bigger expansion of the airport, which means, that travelers next year can visit 25 new stores and dining places. With the opening of Wood Wood, Copenhagen Airport increases the feeling of Copenhagen for both danish and international travelers.

Copenhagen Airport can reveal, at the Copenhagen-darling Wood Wood is the first name on the list of new brands, that will open in a brand new area of Terminal 2, which opens next year.

As part of the expansion, that contributes to an additional 4.000 square metres of the airport, 25 new stores and dining places will open. The new units will be a mix of leading Danish and international brands, that will give the travelers unique shopping and dining experiences from both Denmark and internationally.

"Wood Wood is one of the most recognized Danish Fashion brands, which are well known for its unique Copenhagen style, all around the world. With the new Wood Wood-store, we can offer our passengers an authentic shopping experience, that reflects the best elements from the urban Copenhagen culture, and fulfil a wish from espeically the young travelers. Wood Woods universe fits perfectly to the combination of local heroes and international power brands, which ensures the traveler an extraordinary and broad selection of experiences," says Peter Krogsgaard, commercial director of Copenhagen Airport.

Wood Wood are looking forward to give Danish and international customers a unique experience at the airport:

"It is an old dream coming true. We have considered the idea of opening a store in Copenhagen Airport for years. The Wood Wood-store will be a kind of satellite-store, that is made for the airport and the mechanisms, that underlies the shopping area, and we will create a retail space, that stands out in terms of decoration and selection of goods," says Karl-Oskar Olsen, creative director of Wood Wood.

Wood Wood has a total of four stores in Denmark, and the store in Copenhagen Airport becomes the fifth on Danish soil.

Room for even more special experiences 

The expansion of Copenhagen Airport should make room for around 40 mil. travelers and create an even better passenger experience and travel through the airport.  The new square metres are dedicated to a larger walking area, more seating areas and a play area as well as more shopping-and eating possibilities, as requested by the passengers. 

"We are interviewed almost 100.000 travelers a year about their journey through the airport, and seven out of ten considers the good experiences and options in the terminals as an important part of the journey. Two-thirds of the travelers shops and eats underway, and that is why we make room for new stores and dining places, so we can satisfy the different needs of each passenger, and make room for new discoveries and inspiration," says Peter Krogsgaard, commercial director of Copenhagen Airport.

The expansion of Terminal 2 in Copenhagen Airport:

  • On average, the travelers spends 98 minutes in the airport from completed security to boarding.
  • 66 % of the passengers shops and/or dines in the airport before departure.
  • The expansion is made in the same Scandinavian design as the remaining part of the airport, with focus on creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere.
  • The existing shops will be modernised to create a uniformed and contemporary expression.
  • The expansion of the airport after security checkpoint in the area between Finger A and Finger B will be completed from 2017 till the end of 2018. Following the schedule, shops and dining places will be ready and open around summer 2018. At the end of 2018, the whole project will be done. 

For further information, please contact:

Louise Koldsgaard Rasmussen, Senior Brand Manager in Copenhagen Airport

Telephone +45 50 51 62 54 
E-mail: louise.rasmussen@cph.dk