CPH: Two construction projects with a price tag of DKK 1.2 billion to create additional capacity for passengers and aircrafts

Following December’s launch of the plan to expand Copenhagen Airport at a cost of DKK 20 billion, CPH is now starting up two major projects – a new Pier E for aircraft and a doubling in size of the transit area in Terminal 2, the busiest passenger area. 

The expansion of Copenhagen Airport is gathering pace with the investment of DKK 850 million to build the first phase of a brand-new pier, incorporating more aircraft stands and serving new routes, and DKK 390 million to double the size of the busy passenger area after the central security checkpoint.

The two new projects will mean even more cranes at the airport in the next three years, as more than 1,000 construction workers and technicians set about increasing capacity for aircraft and passengers.

Copenhagen Airport’s CEO Thomas Woldbye and Danish Minister for Employment Troels Lund Poulsen today launched the two major projects at a special event at the airport.

More space for good travel experiences
“The first thing our passengers will notice is the investment of DKK 390 million in creating more space for the journey through the busy area after the security checkpoint,” says Thomas Woldbye.

The area between Pier A and Pier B is being expanded by 4,000 m2 to double its current size. This is being done by building a brand-new building in front of the existing one and then joining them together. The work will be complete around summer 2018.

“We’re making the corridors wider so there’s more space for passengers making their way to their flights,” says Thomas Woldbye. “We’ll also be adding a new play area, additional seats and more power sockets for recharging devices. Seven out of 10 passengers say that good options for shopping and eating are essential for a good travel experience – and we’re listening to them, which means we’re also building 28 new shops and food & beverage outlets. We’re already well into the process of identifying the right selection so that there’s something for every taste and budget.”

A brand-new pier
“The construction of a brand-new Pier E is one of the biggest construction projects of recent times. When the pier is complete, it will be able to accommodate 10 gates for large aircraft and 20 for smaller aircraft on the European routes – a huge project costing around DKK 3 billion,” says Thomas Woldbye.

“Today, we’ve started work on the first phase of the project, which alone will cost DKK 850 million. This phase will give us the first 22,000 m2 and seven gates for aircraft,” says Thomas Woldbye.

The first phase of Pier E will be complete in 2019. But that won’t be the end of things. As part of the Expanding CPH plan for a future airport handling 40 million passengers a year, as well as more aircraft and new routes, the subsequent phases of the new pier are already being planned.

Inconvenience to be minimised
While the future Pier E is being built in an area of the airport where neither passengers nor aircraft will be affected, the expansion of the busy passenger area between Pier A and Pier B will not go unnoticed.

“We’ll put up effective construction screens to shield our passengers and staff from noise and other nuisance,” says Thomas Woldbye. “We’ll also establish overhead windows and try to confine the noisiest work to night-time. Around December this year, the construction activity will move into the current area. This will happen when the new 4,000 m2 building is ready to be joined with the existing one.

“Unfortunately, we can’t build something this big in the middle of the airport without passengers being aware of it to some extent, but I can guarantee that we’ll do everything we can to minimise the inconvenience – and I can promise that the new area will be worth waiting for. The aim is to be ready for opening in summer 2018,” Thomas Woldbye concludes.

The area between Pier A and Pier B

  • We are adding 4,000 m2 for dwelling, food & beverage outlets, shops and better flow.
  • The cost will be DKK 390 million.
  • We will be using 1,600 m3 of concrete and 1,100 tons of steel, and building a 1,800 m2 new facade.
  • 60% of all passengers pass through the area between Pier A and Pier B, making it the airport’s busiest point after the security checkpoint.
  • The construction work will be complete in 2018.

Pier E – first phase

  • The first phase of Pier E will add 22,000 m2 to the airport with seven gates and 800 seats.
  • A widebody contact gate will be built for large aircraft.
  • There will also be six bus gates, two of which will be flexible such that they can be used as a single gate for large aircraft.
  • Passengers will be able to board buses under cover all year round. Passengers will board large aircraft via covered staircases.
  • Alongside Pier E we will build a modern office building occupying 4,000 m2 over four levels.
  • The construction work will be complete in 2019.

Watch an animated film about the first phase of construction of Pier E

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