Copenhagen Airport has the world’s best food and beverage selection

Whether it is steaks or sushi, caviar or cinnamon rolls travellers are looking for, Copenhagen Airport has the world’s best offering of restaurants and coffee shops. Late Thursday evening at the FAB conference in Geneva, Copenhagen Airport was presented with the industry’s grand “Airport Food & Beverage Offer of the Year” award as the airport with the world’s best range of coffee shops and restaurants. 

Passengers at Copenhagen Airport currently have a choice of more than 34 restaurants and coffee shops offering everything from quality snacks to fine dining. The efforts to give passengers a good travel experience at Copenhagen Airport has now yielded the prestigious award Airport Food & Beverage Offer of the Year award. The award was presented at the international FAB Awards ceremony in Geneva on Thursday, 30 June 2016.

Lise Ryevad, Copenhagen Airport’s Director of Airport Sales, is pleased with the award and commented:

“We are constantly working to offer our passengers something extra such as an attractive range of coffee shops and restaurants of a high quality. The FAB award shows that we are on the right track.”

According to Lise Ryevad, the airport’s strategy is to establish a good mix of internationally well known restaurants and very good Danish names:

“We are hosts in Denmark – in Copenhagen – so Copenhagen and Denmark naturally are very strongly reflected at the airport. A very important part of Denmark’s and Copenhagen’s success as a destination in recent years is the major international breakthrough of new Nordic food culture. This should also be reflected at the airport. It is therefore very important that you can eat well – very well – at the airport. The range of food offered must be both Danish and international,” said Lise Ryevad.

Last year, more than 26 million passengers travelled through Copenhagen Airport. Danish travellers accounted for 35% of passenger numbers, and the rest were international guests.

“Many food cultures come together here. We therefore have a good combination of “local heroes” such as MASH and Lagkagehuset as well as international brands such as Yo Sushi and the Caviar House. It’s important that we have something to offer everyone,” Lise Ryevad explained.

A new survey conducted by Analyse Danmark for Copenhagen Airport shows that 63% of passengers consider good food an important part, or the most important part, of their journey.

“The journey begins at the airport, and we listen to our travellers. We interview up to 100,000 passengers each year to ensure that we can meet the wishes and demands of our guests. One of the important requests was good good and attractive deals for both big and small travel budgets alike. We offer that today, and we intend to develop our F&B offering in future to ensure that it matches the wishes and demands of our travellers,” said Lise Ryevad.

Facts about FAB Awards 2016 and Copenhagen Airport

The FAB awards were established by the Moodie Davitt Report and industry magazine The Foodie Report, which are part of the British publishing group Moodie.

F&B is an abbreviation of Food and Beverage.

This year, Copenhagen Airport received the “Airport F&B of the year” award.

Copenhagen Airport has 34 eateries: Caviar House, Grab and Fly (2), Food Market, Starbucks (3), The Bar, Segafredo (3), Joe & the Juice (2), Lagkagehuset (3), 7-eleven Deli, Baresso (2), Le Sommelier Bar and Bistro, O'Learys (2), MASH, Aamans, Gorm's, Foodmarket, Yo! Sushi and Steffs Place (4).