Extra service staff at security during the summer

The number of passengers at Copenhagen Airport is currently record high. In May alone, 10% more than last year travelled through the airport. The airport is therefore deploying extra service staff at security to help travellers get through screening in the busy summer months. Next year, a brand new and larger security screening facility will be ready for use. 

It must be easy to get through security at Copenhagen Airport – also during the summer. The airport is therefore deploying extra service staff to help travellers:

 “Our ambition is that most travellers get through security in five minutes, and that all passengers can count on getting through in 15 minutes. The extraordinarily large passenger numbers have put this target under pressure in recent weeks. We are therefore doing everything we can to help travellers through security,” said Copenhagen Airport COO Kristian Durhuus.

In spring of this year, Copenhagen Airport hired an additional 60 security screening staff. The additional staff will help ensure that summer travellers can get through security quickly. Moreover, the airport recently started a recruitment process to hire an additional 36 security screening staff. At the same time, the airport launched a digital commuter card, set up a permanent consultation forum with domestic commuters and focused on making aircraft positioning more predictable, especially for domestic flights.

Pack correctly from home: How to get through security faster

Carry-on baggage that is packed too tightly contributes to increasing waiting times for security screening. The airport therefore encourages all travellers to help make their security screening process as quick as possible.

“You should pack liquids and electronics at the top of your bag as you have to take them out of your bag in security. You should also check the rules for liquids and other items in your carry-on baggage an extra time on our website, cph.dk, to ensure that you pack correctly from home. More and more passengers take along excessive amounts of liquids or have packed them incorrectly. At Copenhagen Airport, we do what we can to guide travellers, and we deploy extra service staff to help travellers prepare for screening. But the best thing is to be prepared from home,” said head of security at Copenhagen Airport Johnnie Müller.

In addition to extra service staff, the airport will also put up new packing tables with information on the rules for liquids and tips on how to pack carry-on baggage correctly.

 COO Kristian Durhuus, CPH

Security screening facility being expanded for DKK 250 million

Copenhagen Airport is working full speed to expand the security screening facility. The investment amounts to DKK 250 million and will double the area of the facility. This is to make passengers’ travel experience as unstressful as possible with predictable waiting times, more light and space.

“The security screening process is a key part of passengers’ experience at the airport, and we want passengers to have a good experience. We very much regret that waiting times may currently be longer than normal. It will all be much better when our new large security screening facility is ready for use in 2017,” said COO Kristian Durhuus.