New taxi management system at Copenhagen Airport will save taxi drivers 330,000 hours of queueing

A new taxi management system will be implemented in the summer to improve service to travellers, provide more space and substantially reduce idle time for taxi drivers.  

DanTaxi and 4x48 TaxiNord, operators with combined fleets of almost 950 taxicabs in the Greater Copenhagen area, were the first to sign an agreement with CPH about setting up a taxi management system at Copenhagen Airport. All taxi companies in the Capital Region have the option to sign the agreement.

The purpose of the system is to provide better service and drastically reduce taxi queues. More specifically, the system introduces a service concept providing incentives to taxi drivers to provide a consistently high level of service and give passengers an even better travel experience.

The system, known from other international airports such as Stockholm, Frankfurt and Paris, will ensure that the number of taxis at the airport matches passenger demand through an information system that continuously provides digital updates to dispatch centres about the demand for taxicabs.

Taxicabs currently wait an average of 42 minutes for a fare at Copenhagen Airport. The ambition is a 50% reduction in this waiting time, to an average maximum of 20 minutes. This will save taxi drivers some 330,000 hours of queueing a year and substantially reduce their environmental impact.

The system has been long underway, and we are pleased that it will now be implemented. We are confident that it will help increase our revenue and lift the level of service provided in taxi rides. It is exactly the right forward-looking initiative to generate growth in our industry said Carsten Aastrup, CEO of TaxiNord.

The taxi management system will operate on a self-sustained basis, i.e. the taxi companies will pay only the costs related to system implementation and operation.

We were very concerned about the price of the system, and Copenhagen Airport has gone far in trying to bring down the price as far as possible. The agreement we are now signing is reasonable in terms of price, and I am glad to see that it includes both a bonus element and independent audits said John Lindbom, CEO of DanTaxi.

Integrated part of the growth plan Henrik Peter Jørgensen, VP Communications at Copenhagen Airport, looks forward to providing better conditions for taxis and expects that the system will be in operation from mid-July:

We have made a clear plan for how Copenhagen Airport will grow to be able to handle 40 million passengers per year in the course of the next few decades, i.e. 15 million more passengers than we handle today. This growth means that there will be a demand for more taxi rides, so there must be space for more taxicabs. The new agreement ensures that we will always have space for the necessary number of taxis said Henrik Peter Jørgensen, VP Communications of Copenhagen Airport.

Taxi companies 4x35 and Amager-Øbro/4x27 have the option to sign the agreement as well.

For further information please contact:

John Lindbom, DanTaxi on tel +45 4014 4729
Carsten Aastrup, TaxiNord on tel +45 4595 4450
Henrik Peter Jørgensen, Copenhagen Airport on tel +45 3231 2800.