CPH is a world class airport

Copenhagen Airport received several awards at the annual Skytrax Awards event for airports worldwide. The awards received included "Best Airport in Northern Europe", and passengers again this year rated Copenhagen Airport's security best in the world.  

This year, 13 million passengers from 112 different countries rated 550 airports worldwide, and Copenhagen scored very high in a large number of categories.

In addition to its title as best airport in northern Europe, Copenhagen also kept its place in the absolute world elite in a large number of other categories – not least security. After two years as the world's best, Copenhagen Airport was this year rated second-best in the world – surpassed only by Tokyo's Haneda Airport

Highly coveted awards

The many millions of travellers worldwide who go to the Skytrax website to vote make these awards highly coveted. They are good key markers of our performance relative to other major airports in Europe and the rest of the world. We use this knowledge to become even better. I feel that our security processing is good proof of this, as we have been rated first, first and second in the world in the past three years: this is world class performance," said CEO of Copenhagen Airports A/S Thomas Woldbye.

Copenhagen Airport also received number of other awards last night in Paris. Among them was the award for best baggage delivery in Europe, and seventh-best worldwide.

In the past couple of years, our people in baggage delivery have worked very closely with the airlines and handling companies to improve their services. As a result, passengers now generally get their baggage after just a few minutes, and we are pleased to see that this good performance is reflected in our ratings from passengers," said Woldbye.

More excellent ratings
Copenhagen Airport also achieved excellent ratings in a number of other categories, not least as "Second-best Airport in the World: 20-30 million passengers" after Zurich, Switzerland, and ahead of Brisbane, Australia.

Copenhagen Airport was also rated number nine in the world for best airport dining; number nine in the world, and number two in Europe for cleanest airport; and number eight in the world, and number two in Europe for immigration (passport control).

Changi in Singapore was again rated "Best Airport in the World". On that list, Copenhagen Airport ranked number 16, one place up from last year.


Copenhagen Airport's ratings in the various Skytrax Awards 2015 categories:

  • "Best Airport in Northern Europe" for the fourth time in six years
  • Number two in the category "World's Best Airport Security"
  • Number 2 in "World's Best Airport: 20-30 million passengers
  • Number six in the world for airport dining
  • Number nine in the world and number two in the world for cleanest airport
  • Number eight in the world and number two in Europe for immigration (passport control)
  • Number one in Europe and number seven in the world for baggage delivery
  • Number 16 in the world for "Best Airport in the World"