Domestic flights in Copenhagen to use central gates

Effective 29 March, domestic flights will no longer be directed to the western corner of Copenhagen Airport, but will be incorporated with large parts of the international traffic. From that date onward, most domestic flights will park at central gates at Piers A, B and D close to check-in, baggage and security. 

Many domestic passengers have asked both Copenhagen Airport and the four airlines offering domestic flights where flights to Aalborg, Aarhus, Billund, Karup, Sønderborg, Rønne and soon also Esbjerg will be parked when domestic traffic will be incorporated with with large parts of international traffic at Copenhagen Airport effective 29 March.

"People had probably expected long walks from security in Terminal 2 to the gates in Pier A West that are currently used for domestic traffic," said Chief Commercial Officer Peter Krogsgaard of Copenhagen Airports A/S.

However, Copenhagen Airport and the airlines have now analysed the situation and there is no cause for concern.

Makes good sense
"We have had good discussions with the four airlines involved about where it would make the most sense – for them, that is – that we direct their aircraft. The airlines know their customers best, and that's why it has been important to us that we accommodate their requests as much as possible under the new arrangements," said Krogsgaard.

The discussions with the airlines have led to the following preferred parking for domestic flights:

  • SAS domestic flights to and from Aalborg and Aarhus will park at Pier D close to the airline's other flights during morning and afternoon peaks
  • SAS flights to and from Billund will mainly park at Pier B
  • Outside peak hours, the centrally located gates C2-C8 between Piers B and D will be used, and passengers will be bussed from there to their flights.
  • Norwegian flights to and from Aalborg will park at Pier A together with the airline's other flights
  • Flights to and from Rønne (DAT), Karup (DAT) and Sønderborg (Alsie Express) will park at gates A7, A9 and A11, which are among the stands closest to the terminals
  • Flights on the new service to Esbjerg (ES-Air) will also park at Pier A stands

SAS: Easy for our domestic passengers
At SAS, they are very pleased with the future parking of their domestic flights:

"The central location of our domestic flights near our other flights means that it will be easier than ever before for our passengers to get to their flights. For most frequent fliers on SAS, who travel to and from Copenhagen Airport by metro, train, bus or taxi, they can get through security – via SAS Fast Track – and to their gate very quickly," said Lars W. Andersen, Director of Public Affairs and Infrastructure at SAS.

Domestic passengers can also use self-service bag drops and the lounge in Terminal 3, which makes their trip simpler and more flexible. And domestic baggage will always be delivered on carousel 5, which is nearest the exit.

Parking at central gates welcomed
At Alsie Express, which operates the route to Sønderborg, they welcome the new parking at the central gates A7, A9 and A11.

"Parking in the first part of Pier A gives our passengers the opportunity to wait at the CPH Apartment lounge, which is close to the gates in that area. They will actually be able to look out the window and see their flight park at the gate, which I am sure many passengers will appreciate," said Henrik Therkelsen, CEO of Alsie Express.



– Domestic traffic will no longer be kept apart from large parts of international traffic as a consequence of a new four-year charges agreement between Copenhagen Airport and the airlines.

– Domestic traffic will only be incorporated with international traffic to and from the 26 European countries in the Schengen area. When travelling within the Schengen area, passengers do not have to go through passport control.

– The gates mentioned have been prioritised for domestic traffic, but Copenhagen Airport reserves the right to allocate other gates in case of unforeseen changes in the traffic programme, for example due to weather conditions, strikes or the like.