easyJet signs charges agreement

With easyJet signing the new charges agreement, CPH has achieved a historically high acceptance rate for the agreement.  

The new charges agreement which Copenhagen Airport and the airlines entered into in August has now also been accepted by easyJet, the airport's third-largest carrier. SAS, Norwegian and IATA have already signed the agreement, and with easyJet on board, airlines representing more than 85% of traffic at Copenhagen Airport have now signed the agreement.

Never before have we had such a high acceptance rate for a new charges agreement, but that only shows that we've managed to reach a sensible agreement that gives the airlines good conditions while also providing a basis for CPH to maintain the necessary level of investment," said Copenhagen Airport CEO Thomas Woldbye.

First time for easyJet
This is the first time easyJet has participated in the charges negotiations, and Thomas Woldbye is therefore particularly pleased that Europe's second-largest low cost carrier is backing the agreement.

This backing by easyJet means that we have now – together with the airlines – established a very sound basis for developing traffic to and from Copenhagen Airport in collaboration with all our airline customers, and not least the airport's three largest customers, SAS, Norwegian and easyJet," said Woldbye.

Charges kept steady
The charges agreement, which comes into force on 1 April next year, ensures that the price of using Copenhagen Airport will develop in line with the Danish consumer price index. This means that the airlines have full visibility of their costs over the next four years, and that the airport will be able to retain its strong competitive position in Europe.

We have managed to keep our charges among the lowest in Europe. This has only been possible because our business is very efficient, which is underlined by the fact that we have been rated the most efficient airport in Europe in nine of the past eleven years," said Woldbye.