CPH: April traffic exceeding all expectations

April 2014 was a positive surprise as passenger traffic grew by 12.8%. The month also saw the busiest day ever in the history of Copenhagen Airport.  

Copenhagen Airport's expectations for April were relatively low due to the late Easter this year. Normally, this means a number of light travel days, but an extraordinarily large number of travellers during Easter and the full-year effect of a number of new routes lifted the load factor by 7.2 percentage points, meaning that three out of four airline seats were filled. This meant that passenger numbers increased by as much as 12.8%, and that more than 2.2 million passengers travelled through the airport, which is a record for the month of April.

This was a surprising trend compared with what we and the airlines had originally forecast. Obviously, it's good that so many people decided to travel around Easter. We'll have to wait and see if this trend continues,” said Copenhagen Airport CEO Thomas Woldbye.

The month ended up being so busy that it also set a daily record, as 93,342 passengers travelled through the airport on 11 April. This was 3,259 more than the previous record which was set on the first peak travel day of last summer.

International traffic was up by 14.0%, and transfer traffic was up by 9.4%. Domestic traffic increased by just 0.3% and was adversely affected by the holidays as opposed to the remaining traffic.  The year-to-date increase in passenger numbers was 6.7%.


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