Fairy tale start to Easter at Copenhagen Airport with a mermaid, happenings and Hans Christian Andersen

With a top hat and in high spirits, Hans Christian Andersen, personified by actor Torben Iversen, will give children and the young at heart a fairy tale start to their Easter holiday travels from 11 to 13 April. The occasion is Copenhagen Airport’s exhibition of a two-metre tall statue of the old poet and fairy tale writer together with his original trunk and the little mermaid. 

Copenhagen Airport’s exhibit of the Hans Christian Andersen statue by artist Misja Kristoffer Rasmussen together with his original trunk is not just for art’s sake. The purpose is to give travellers ‘a sense of place’, so that they can see and feel that they are at Copenhagen Airport and not in Amsterdam or Zurich.

Airports all over the world tend to be very similar. We want to give travellers a more unique experience of being in Denmark, and to many people Hans Christian Andersen is the quintessence of Denmark. We are also planning other initiatives to give our many guests a feel of Copenhagen, Denmark and Scandinavia said Henrik Peter Jørgensen, VP Communications for Copenhagen Airport.

“And it is an excellent holiday photo opportunity in a real Danish setting, not least for the some five million international tourists and business travellers who pass through Copenhagen Airport each year,” he adds.

To actor Torben Iversen, who has for decades performed all over the world as Hans Christian Andersen, the airport is a natural setting for the Danish national poet.

Hans Christian Andersen was global in all respects, long before it became a buzzword. His fairy tales touch on something very human, and they go right to people’s hearts, whether they are in China, Cologne or Copenhagen said actor Torben Iversen.

He performs with his daughter Anne on the three major travel days before Easter, from 11 to 13 April, in the Nytorv area of Copenhagen Airport next to the exit from the airport’s main duty- and tax-free store. The performance will be three times each day: in the morning, at noon and late in the afternoon.

“I look forward to performing at the airport – and also to seeing Andersen’s original trunk and sculptor Edward Eriksen’s original working model of the little mermaid,” he added.

The airport is a perfect place to exhibit for artist Misja Kristoffer Rasmussen, who created the two-metre tall bronze statue of Hans Christian Andersen:

“Not many galleries and museums have 24 million guests a year like Copenhagen Airport does,” he said.

Hans Christian Andersen was himself quite aware that size is important. The rather illness-fixated fairy tale writer wrote in 1872 with a good deal of self-irony: “Major fairy tale writer, major toothache – minor fairy tale writer, minor toothache.”

Henrik Peter Jørgensen via Lea Sørensen Holm at +45 2872 9578 / Torben Iversen at +45 2427 6335 /Misja Kristoffer Rasmussen at +45 2698 9778