Copenhagen Airport's Facebook page wins international award

Copenhagen Airport is among the world's best on social media. This was recently established when Copenhagen Airport won two digital and social media Moodies Awards: the prestigious "best facebook page" award, coming in second in the category "best use of social and digital media". 

Inspiring, strong visual profile and best content. Those were just some of the words of praise bestowed on Copenhagen Airport's Facebook page when the Moodies Awards were recently presented in acknowledgement of best travel-industry digital, mobile and social media efforts. Copenhagen Airport won the award for best Facebook page and came in second in the use of social and digital media category among the world's airlines, airports and concessionaires.

With more than 53,000 Facebook fans and the highest engagement rate in the industry, Copenhagen Airport inspires travellers to get a better experience. Copenhagen Airport is proud of the awards for best Facebook page and the second place for its expertise in use of social and digital media:

We launched our Facebook page in 2012 to get closer to travellers and create a personal eye-level dialogue where they can get to know us and find inspiration – before, but also during and after, their trip. With Facebook as the pivotal point, we have continually worked strategically to integrate a social media platform for all the key business and service areas throughout the airport. We are therefore very pleased and proud to receive the two awards which demonstrate that our dedicated work has been fruitful said Karen Bender, E-commerce and Marketing Director at Copenhagen Airport.

In addition to the two awards, Copenhagen Airport is also nominated in the Danish Internet Awards (DIA) in the category Travel & Tourism for Flight Check-in Copenhagen Airport, which will be presented on 9 April 2014.


  • Each year, the Moodies Awards rate the world's best airlines, airports and concessionaires for their ability to integrate and use social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  • The nominated operators are evaluated based on a number of criteria: quantifiable impact, consumer engagement, visual appeal, quality of content, incentive to spend and impact on the traveller experience.
  • Copenhagen Airport's Facebook page has 46,000 fans and more than 41,000 posts and was rated best in the industry

For further information, please contact:
Lea Holm, Communications Officer, Copenhagen Airports, on +45 3231 2802 or e-mail: lea.holm@cph.dk.