CPH again wins the award for the “World's Best Security” and “Best Airport in Northern Europe”

For the second consecutive year, Security Service at Copenhagen Airport has been rated the world's best. The award, presented Wednesday night, was based on a worldwide airline passenger satisfaction survey. Copenhagen Airport also retained the title as “Best Airport in Northern Europe”. 

The annual Skytrax awards, based on surveys of how 12.8 million passengers rate 410 airports worldwide, were presented in Barcelona on Wednesday evening. Copenhagen Airport was called up twice to receive two of the prestigious awards.

The motivation for the award for the “World's Best Security Processing” weighs not only security, but also staff service. That makes it all the more remarkable that Copenhagen Airport has now won the award two years in a row ahead of a number of Asian airports that are known for their very high levels of service and have won this award for a number of years.

At eye level

“Obviously, our priority is to maintain security at the highest level, but our ambition is also to offer a high level of service, meeting passengers at eye level. For this reason I am very proud that our employees have been awarded this recognition for the world's best security processing,” said Thomas Woldbye, CEO of Copenhagen Airport.

“Welcoming” and “efficient” are two designations used by Skytrax in both years for the security screening staff at Copenhagen Airport.

“Copenhagen Airport is beginning to develop real strength in winning this Best Airport Security Processing award, and the meticulous procedures put in place by the airport management are clearly having a positive impact on customer satisfaction,” said Edward Plaisted, CEO of Skytrax .

“Airport security is an essential and unavoidable aspect of the passenger experience, and whilst the primary focus is to process customers as efficiently as possible, Copenhagen Airport security staff do seem to embody the notion of service with a smile and this is clearly being appreciated by its passengers,” added Plaisted.

Passengers should feel welcome

“Every day, we work hard to make passengers feel welcome, offering a combination of security, quality and service, and our passengers recognise this. It's an important acknowledgement of the commitment of all our employees, one that we should be proud of and must continue to live up to. We have now beaten the Asian airports on their home turf for the second consecutive year. To me that means that our passengers have bought into our concept in which “welcoming” and “efficient” are key words,” said Johnnie Müller, head of security services at Copenhagen Airport.

Best Airport in Northern Europe
Copenhagen Airport was also once again rated “Best Airport in Northern Europe”. This is the third time in the five years this award has been given that Copenhagen Airport takes the first place.

“From a customer service perspective, Northern Europe is one of the most competitive global regions with high standards recorded across all airports in this region. Copenhagen Airport manages to combine a very competitive staff service quality with good process efficiency and passenger facilities, and clearly this is reflected in the final results of the survey,” added Edward Plaisted.

“We are never better than our customers' experience, and we are therefore pleased to receive international awards because it confirms that we are offering the right services to both passengers and airlines. We endeavour to be a good and attentive host who listens to customer demands, and I feel we are getting credit for this work with these two awards,” said Thomas Woldbye.