CPH to prepare airport for the world's largest aircraft

Copenhagen Airport begins preparations to make the airport able to accommodate Airbus A380 – the world's largest passenger aircraft. This is part of the growth plan Expanding CPH.  

As we are currently carrying out a major terminal and runway expansion and maintenance programme, it makes good sense for us to seize this opportunity to gradually prepare Copenhagen Airport to also accommodate the world's largest passenger aircraft, the A380. This is consistent with our growth plan, Expanding CPH which is to prepare the airport for the future,” said Copenhagen Airport CEO Thomas Woldbye.

In January 2014, CPH presented Expanding CPH – a detailed vision for the airport's gradual expansion over the coming two or three decades to enable it to handle 40 million passengers annually. This year, Copenhagen Airport will reach an all-time high of 25 million passengers.

Comprehensive renovation
In the summer of 2015, CPH plans to carry out a renovation of its two main runways, and in connection with this, CPH is now obtaining quotations for widening the 3.3 kilometre-long runway. This would be necessary as, with its enormous wingspan, the Airbus A380 aircraft requires a runway wider than the standard 45 metres.

CPH is also currently carrying out an expansion of Pier C, which is where the largest aircraft park – a project that will cost in the region of DKK 250 million. Following the expansion, three stands will have direct access from the gates, and one will be fitted with two jet bridges. This improvement will allow Pier C to accommodate the largest aircraft types including the Airbus A380, which normally seats more than 500 passengers.

Until now, the largest intercontinental aircraft such as the Airbus A380 are only used on services to the very largest hubs in the world,” said Mr Woldbye. “However, we believe that there is still room in the market for the most important medium-size hubs, including Copenhagen, to be added to the route network”.

Intercontinental growth
Over the past five years or so, through its determined route development work, Copenhagen Airport has succeeded in attracting nine new intercontinental routes, bringing the current total to 27 routes.

The Expanding CPH vision shows how Copenhagen Airport may be expanded over the next few decades with capacity and facilities for up to 40 to 45 intercontinental routes. Some of these routes are expected to use very large aircraft such as the Airbus A380.


  • The total cost of the two projects will be in excess of DKK 300 million. The preparation for Airbus A380 accounts for a minor part of this amount.
  • CPH plans to resurface Runway 04R/22L in the summer of 2015, in connection with which CPH is also considering widening the runway. This is necessary if the airport is to be able to accommodate daily services using the A380 due to the aircraft's enormous wingspan of almost 80 metres.
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