Christmas shopping while on the move at Copenhagen Airport

Christmas is coming closer, and so is Christmas shopping, an activity often difficult to squeeze into a busy calendar, especially for people who are always on the move. If you want to avoid the stress of having to do all your Christmas shopping at the mall on 23 December, there is every reason to visit the multitude of shops at Copenhagen Airport. You can do your Christmas shopping here before departure and wait to pick up your packages until you return. 

December is a lovely month, but it is also a busy one, with lots of social activities with family and friends, work to be completed before the holidays, and then of course all the preparations for Christmas and – not least –the usual headache: buying Christmas presents. For busy people with no time to spend at department stores or high streets searching for the perfect Christmas presents, Copenhagen Airport's shopping centre comes in handy, with its wide range of shops offering rich opportunities to find gifts for your partner, spouse, children, parents or whoever else you want to buy something lovely for.

Do your shopping before departure and pick up your presents on return
This year, Copenhagen Airport has made it even easier for people who are always on the move to do their Christmas shopping.

We want to make it easy and painless for our passengers to buy their Christmas gifts, so it's a smart thing for them to do while they are at Copenhagen Airport anyway.  If you use the Copenhagen Airport Pick Up On Return service, your packages will be stored for free until your return. This means you won't have to take the presents with you on your trip said Lise Ryevad, airport sales director at Copenhagen Airport.

If you want to be particularly well prepared, you can even do your Christmas shopping from home at the airport's online duty- and taxfree store. This gives you the opportunity to select the perfect presents for your loved ones from home and pick them up at the airport. If you are short on creativity and very busy, Copenhagen Airport even offers a personal shopper in the duty- and taxfree store to guide you to the right presents, and this service is even free of charge. All this should help take away your Christmas stress.

Guaranteed exchange for everyone
Ms Ryevad adds: "If a gift is not to the taste of the person receiving it, most of the shops at the airport offer an exchange service all over Denmark: in other words, the present can easily be exchanged at or returned to one of the shop's other locations in Denmark. If the shop is not part of a chain, and you are not planning a trip soon, you can send an e-mail to Customer Service at CPH and arrange a way to exchange the gift without you having to check in for a trip.”

If you need more inspiration for your Christmas shopping, we provide some suggestions below:

Guide for perfect Christmas presents

For your mother, something to decorate the home is always a clear winner. Look for attractive design items in shops such as Illums Bolighus, Marimekko and Royal Copenhagen.

For your father, an upgrade of his wardrobe is often something he can use: for instance, a nice, classical sweater in a good quality. Shops such as Sand, Boss, Solid and Gant have a wide assortment of such items, and their staff would be pleased to help you find the right size.

For your partner or spouse, the shops at Copenhagen Airport offer a wide range of great accessories. You could, for example, look for a modern and elegant design watch at Ole Mathiesen for him or, for her, an exclusive purse at Bottega Veneta or Marc by Marc Jacobs.

For your sister or daughter, you might want to visit the airport's duty- and tax-free store, where you can buy a wide range of fragrances and skincare products and even at a 20% discount to the high street price, so you can afford to give them even more. Try for example a scrub or oil from exquisite Danish brands such as Tromborg and Rudolph Care.

For your brother or son, you will almost certainly find good options among the electronic products offered by DIXON. They are experts in all kinds of gadgets, and their shop at Copenhagen Airport is the only one in Denmark. And for an adult, a bottle of good gin from the duty- and tax-free store would also be a good bet.

For the young ones, Lego and Hamleys offer toys for kids of all ages which are sure to make good presents.

For the older members of your family, chocolate from Peter Beier is always a good choice. Or if they prefer treats that are more on the salty side, Bülow licorice offers a wide range of mouth-watering flavours in attractive gift packaging.

A gift for the "Pass the Package" game can certainly be found at the Tiger shop. They have lots of odd and funny objects that make for good fun at the Christmas party.


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