A tip for the winter holidays: Test your new winter jacket in the cooler

The winter holidays are approaching; to many people that means it is a time of fresh air and rosy cheeks on the ski slopes of Europe. However, it may be difficult to find a jacket that can keep you warm while skiing. At Copenhagen Airport, you can now test your new winter jacket at an authentic winter temperature of minus 5 degrees: Danish-owned outdoor brand Yeti has opened and ice-cold fitting room in Copenhagen Airport's duty- and tax-free store.  

Copenhagen Airport's duty- and tax-free store opens Denmark's first ice-cold fitting room. Danish-owned outdoor brand Yeti offers a special "Be cool" fitting room, where customers can try on down jackets at authentic winter temperatures and check the looks in an ice-block mirror.

Already a very popular brand in Denmark, Yeti is renowned for its environmentally-friendly, high-quality products, and Copenhagen Airport is looking forward to giving passengers a different winter experience before they take off for their winter holiday destinations.

Many people start out on their winter holidays from Copenhagen Airport, and by bringing the winter cold indoors, we are now giving travellers a chance to kickstart their holidays with an authentic winter experience. We are confident that the ice cold fitting room will be quite an attraction: one that will make people smile and also one that will help them find the winter jacket that best suits their needs, said Sören Borch, Managing Director of Gebr. Heinemann Retail ApS, the operator of the duty- and tax-free stores at Copenhagen Airport. 

Innovation and aesthetics all in one jacket
Yeti is renowned for its high-quality sleeping bags and warm winter jackets, and in recent years the Danish-owned brand has built a position as an environmentally-friendly manufacturer. Yeti solely uses high-quality downs certified to the Oekotex Standard 100, and consumers can be certain that only the very best goose down is used in both their jackets and sleeping bags. In this year's spring collection, Yeti launches the world's first jacket made from nylon produced from environmentally-friendly plant material.

Travellers at Copenhagen Airport can visit Yeti in the duty- and tax-free main store located after the security checkpoint. Yeti's products sold at the airport will be priced 10% below the recommended selling prices on the Danish market.

Facts: Yeti  

  • Danish-owned Yeti was launched in Germany in 1983 by Bernd Exner. Yeti products are still produced in Germany
  • In 1989, Yeti began exporting its finished products to other European countries
  • Yeti sells sleeping bags and winter jackets as well as accessories for the outdoor segment  
  • Yeti solely uses high-quality goose down certified to the Oekotex standard 100
  • Yeti launches the world's first plant-based nylon jacket in 2014.

Facts: Copenhagen Airport duty- and tax-free  
The duty- and tax-free stores at Copenhagen Airport are operated by Gebr. Heinemann Retail ApS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Gebr. Heinemann. The stores at Copenhagen have been operated by Gebr. Heinemann since March 2007. In June 2012, Copenhagen Airport and Gebr. Heinemann Retail signed a new five-year concession agreement which came into effect on 1 March 2013.

The Copenhagen Airport duty- and tax-free operation consists of a main store (2,400 sqm), a store in Pier A (175 sqm), a store in Pier B (80 sqm), one in Pier C (expanded from 100 sqm to 260 sqm), a store in Terminal 3 (160 sqm), a tax-free arrival shop (126 sqm) and an online-shop (www.tax-free.dk).

For further information, please contact:
Anne Munck Mikkelsen, Communications Officer, Copenhagen Airports, on mobile: +45 3136 1837 or e-mail: anne.mikkelsen@cph.dk.