Copenhagen Airport launches new website

A fresh, new and more user-friendly design at cph.dk will now meet passengers, journalists and business partners checking departure times, looking for job opportunities or seeking information on new airport shops or flight destinations. 

When the cph.dk website was launched in 1999, Copenhagen Airport was one of the first companies in Denmark to have a website at all. Much has happened since then, and although the old website design was altered and updated many times over the years, CPH has now decided to let it rest in peace.

Copenhagen Airport stands for accessibility and a high level of service. We want to inspire our passengers and offer them experiences beyond what is normally expected at an airport. That also goes for communication via our website. We want to greet our passengers and other stakeholders with easily accessible information on exactly what they are looking for. Our new website design meets that objective. For example, it allows us to present our services and wide range of shops and eateries in an inviting and inspiring way said Karen Bender, Marketing Director at Copenhagen Airport.

Adjusts automatically to your screen
One of the major improvements is that the design is extremely user friendly, also for smartphones and tablets. The website features "responsive design", which means that the content displays differently depending on the size and type of screen it is viewed on.

The larger the screen, the more content you will see. On a small screen, such as a smartphone, only the most necessary information will be shown so that it remains easily accessible. Forty per cent of users accessed CPH's old website either from a smartphone or a tablet. We expect this percentage to increase in future, and we are using responsive design to provide a high level of user friendliness irrespective of your screen, Karen Bender explained.

A website for everyone
The website has been designed to meet the different kinds of needs Copenhagen Airport's many different stakeholders have.

The automatic entry page is aimed at passengers and designed to meet their needs throughout their entire journey, starting even before they step out of the door, said Karen Bender.

Information directed at people other than passengers is organised into its own universe with its own access. Journalists, job hunters, business partners and investors have their own page they access by clicking on "About CPH", where, they and other interested parties can find information about the airport's strategy, development, business opportunities, news, company announcements and publications.

A major step forward – with more to come 
The website offers a better experience to users, along with an up-to-date design that will also serve as a platform for further development of the website.

We will also be launching a number of new options and features in 2014. We are really looking forward to taking our next many steps in that direction. There will be quite a lot of new things for users to look forward to, said Karen Bender.