Solid domestic growth at Copenhagen Airport

Nearly 2 million people travelled via Copenhagen Airport in January, representing year-on-year growth of more than 5%. Domestic traffic grew particularly strongly. 

The first month of the year rarely sees high levels of travel activity, but this January traffic at Copenhagen Airport grew by 5.6% compared with the same month in 2016. In total, 1,981,252 people passed through the airport, 104,208 more than in the same month last year.

European traffic grew by 5.4%, almost the same as intercontinental traffic, which grew by 5.5%.

“Our international traffic has grown considerably in recent years,” says Copenhagen Airport’s CEO Thomas Woldbye. “Last year, Copenhagen Airport opened 22 new routes, and this in particular has helped ensure that more tourists and business travellers are coming here. Denmark has become a popular destination for many tourists, and the easy access, coupled with a huge number of routes and departures, is making it simple and attractive for more people to come here. The increasing traffic at Copenhagen Airport is helping to create new jobs in the Danish tourist industry and boosting Denmark’s economy.”

Domestic traffic growing strongly

In January, domestic traffic grew by 7.3%, driven in particular by a 13.5% increase on the route between Aalborg and Copenhagen, which is the busiest domestic route in Denmark.

“Domestic air traffic is important for Copenhagen Airport, and for Denmark as a whole, because it makes it easy for travellers to come from all parts of Denmark to fly via CPH on one of our 165 routes. We therefore have a sharp focus on developing domestic traffic and improving the options for travellers from all over Denmark,” says Thomas Woldbye, who specifically mentions that DAT has just announced it will be adding two more daily flights from Midtjylland Airport to Copenhagen, taking the total to ten.

“Domestic traffic is helping to ensure that the many tourists coming to Copenhagen can also easily get to, for example, Bornholm or northern Jutland,” says Thomas Woldbye. “Traffic to Sønderborg grew by 34% in January, and there were 11.9% more travellers between Central Jutland and Copenhagen. This shows that the growing interest in travelling between the various parts of Denmark that we experienced in 2016 is set to continue this year.”

In January, London was the most popular destination, with 180,185 travellers, 7.0% more than in the same month last year.

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