Early Easter affected April traffic

The early Easter with major travel days falling in March affected April traffic, causing a 3.9% drop in passenger numbers at Copenhagen Airport. The year-to-date increase in passenger numbers was 0.1%. 

For the first time in exactly two years, Copenhagen Airport saw a decline in passenger numbers. A drop of approximately 85,000 passengers compared with April of last year was equivalent to a 3.9% decline.

All the big travel days before Easter were in March this year, and in April last year the rate of increase in passenger numbers was unusually high at 17%. We were not able to repeat that growth this year, and altogether this resulted in an expected, but hopefully short-lived, interruption in two years of continuous growth," said Thomas Woldbye, CEO of Copenhagen Airports A/S.

European traffic was down by 4.1%, intercontinental traffic was 0.4% lower than in April 2014, while domestic traffic was down by 5.3%. Two-thirds of all domestic travellers are business travellers, and the decline was therefore to be expected as business travel is obviously low during Easter.

Year-to-date traffic was up by 0.1%, and a total of 7.5 million passengers travelled through Copenhagen Airport in the first four months of the year.

CPH Traffic April 2015

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CPH Traffic April 2015

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