Resolution to distribute interim dividend

Stock Exchange Announcement number 8/2010 

Copenhagen, 10 August 2010

• As stated in our announcement no. 7/2010 dated 10 August 2010, an interim
dividend of DKK 350.6 million, equivalent to DKK 44.67 per share, will be
distributed on the basis of the half-year results.

• The dividend will be distributed through VP Securities Services on 13 August
2010 on holdings of record on VP accounts at the end of the business day.

• Consequently, shares purchased for settlement on or before 13 August 2010
will carry dividend, whereas shares sold for settlement on or before 13 August
2010 will lose the right to dividend on the shares sold. This means that
transactions to and including 10 August 2010 will be settled cum dividend, and
transactions from and including 11 August 2010 will be settled ex dividend when
traded for the normal three-day settlement.

• The dividend is at disposal on 16 August 2010.




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