CPH leaps to become one of the world’s most digitised airports

Copenhagen Airport has become one of the world's most digitised airports with the successful launch of AIRHART, an innovative real-time data platform. AIRHART will drastically improve the operation and effectiveness of the airport across the ecosystem. 

Copenhagen Airport has achieved a milestone in airport digitisation with the successful launch of AIRHART, a unique solution & platform from Smarter Airports that connects and merges over 100 different systems with a single, real-time data platform. AIRHART replaces the airport’s old Airport Operational Data Base (AODB) and introduces a total airport management eco-system (AOP) for the entire stakeholder landscape.


Netcompany, a leading provider of digital solutions, and Copenhagen Airport, one of the world's most innovative airports, have joined forces to revolutionise the aviation industry with the creation of Smarter Airports – the company behind AIRHART.


AIRHART has propelled Copenhagen Airport to the forefront of global digitisation in the industry. The platform not only revolutionises all aspects of the airport's operations by consolidating various digital systems and processes but also creates a modular foundation for future AI breakthroughs.


AIRHART will drastically improve operations and effectiveness across the board. The system will be one of the key enablers for Copenhagen Airport to reach its objective of increasing capacity from 30 to 40 million passengers per year.


AIRHART will improve the passenger travel experience, reduce emissions, and make airport operations more sustainable. The platform significantly reduces the need for manual inputs, increases operational effectiveness, and improves maintenance and disruption prediction.


AIRHART will be utilised daily by over 4,000 employees through a uniform user interface, working as a single source of truth and operation for all aspects of airport operations. Before AIRHART, employees had to operate a wide array of legacy systems that didn't always communicate with each other, creating long response times and the need to input the same data in many systems. The successful launch of AIRHART has eradicated these inefficiencies without any disruptions.


The AIRHART platform seamlessly manages digital processes across the airport. The first version of AIRHART is focused on airside operations, certain elements of security, baggage and passenger handling, crowd control, and information systems. AIRHART will, in progression with its continuous roadmap, eventually cover all processes across the airport. AIRHART also creates a solid data foundation for the use of AI models. The next versions of the system will predict and recommend actions in real-time to minimize disruptions and improve efficiency.


The real-time data platform significantly enhances the airport's ability to predict and proactively address delays, disruptions, and other unforeseen events that are inherent in the daily operations of one of Northern Europe's busiest airports.


Today, we can celebrate the remarkable intersection of technology execution, strong domain knowledge, and unwavering digital ambitions. It is a convergence that will transform Copenhagen Airport, disrupt traditional models, and empower individuals.


The synergies between Netcompany's technology execution and Copenhagen Airport's strong domain knowledge have given birth to an entirely new and more effective way to manage the complicated infrastructure in an airport – and deploy it in a way that doesn't disrupt the operation in any way," says Mehdi Motaghiani, CEO of Smarter Airports.


“It is a significant advantage to have all data and information consolidated into one system, to which we and our numerous partners in the airport have shared access. With AIRHART, we can continue our efforts to maintain our position as one of the most digitised airports, operated in the most efficient manner. We have just implemented the first phase of AIRHART at Copenhagen Airport. It has been very successful, and we look forward to using this platform to manage summer traffic," says Christian Poulsen, COO of Copenhagen Airport.


Importantly, AIRHART can replace the airport's existing digital systems (AODB) or seamlessly connect and integrate them into the platform. In the case of Copenhagen Airport, AIRHART replaces a large part of the old legacy system. Despite that, the platform was rolled out without any disruption to ongoing operations, empowering the airport to unify more than 100 background systems into a cohesive and efficient network.