Opening hours

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Breakfast Coffee Lunch

Riccos Kaffe

Riccos coffee shop in Copenhagen Airport is a break from a hectic travel schedule, a place for pre-takeoff calm or post-travel digestions. More importantly it is a place where you can say you had one of the best coffees of your life.

Ricco Sørensen - the roaster, entrepreneur

The omnipresent profile behind Riccos – is widely credited as being one of the leading forces and originators behind the Copenhagen coffee-revolution. With each Riccos he has managed to create hangouts that are unique to their surroundings and reflections of the personality of their regulars, yet bound together by a shared sense of comfort and an unwavering focus on coffee excellence.

Hand built espresso-magic

Riccos offer a menu with a selection of freshly baked goods and lunch creations ranging from sweet to savory and healthy to sinful. And needless to say there is coffee; each cup brewed on magnificent Slayer espresso machines hand built in Seattle.

Scandinavian living room

Design-wise Riccos coffee shops are known for their site-specific interiors and neighborhood-inspired reinterpretations of the Scandinavian living room, drawing from proud traditions of Danish aesthetics in an unpretentious and adventurous way.