Opening hours

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Lunch Sandwich Dinner


For more than a decade LêLê Street Kitchen has served a modern take on traditional Vietnamese street food in an urban Scandinavian setting. It is healthy and wholesome fast food, served with lots of fresh herbs and vegetables like in the streets of Saigon. Crispy, spicy, and fresh!

Real Vietnamese street food

LêLê Street Kitchen serves a variety of Vietnamese street food dishes and specializes in the Vietnamese street food favorite bánh mì,a delicious sandwich fusion between a French baguette and juicy, fresh Vietnamese filling. Perfect for eating at the food stand or as grab and fly.


Family’s history

LêLê Street Kitchen is a family business, owned by the Lê family, that came to Denmark in 1979 as boat refugees from Vietnam.  The four Lê-siblings dreamed of spreading the love for their childhood's Vietnamese cuisine to the Danes, and in 2003 they opened the first little LêLê-restaurant in Copenhagen. Since then the family business has grown very succesful with several restaurants in the capital area.