Opening hours

Monday: 04:30-22:00 Tuesday: 04:30-22:00 Wednesday: 04:30-22:00 Thursday: 04:30-22:00 Friday: 04:30-22:00 Saturday: 04:30-22:00 Sunday: 04:30-22:00
Take-away Café


Baresso is your guarantee of a great cup of coffee. Find your favourite in our wide selection, whether you’re into cortado, latte or chai. We have quality for every taste, and whatever you choose, our love of good coffee shines through.

Hungry? Not for much longer, you’re not…

Feeling peckish? We have a wide selection of breakfasts, sandwiches and cakes, just waiting to be passed over the counter. You can either take it with you or enjoy it in the comfort of the café, before heading to the gate.