Cherry Heering

Heering Cherry 24% 1L

Heering Cherry 24% 1L 1 liter
Heering Cherry 24% 1L
1 liter
Size: 1
Unit: l
Alcohol by volume: 24.00
Tasting Notes: A sweet tender fruit flavour, juicy cherris, nuttily, chocolate like, fine bitter almonds and cherry hints, Taste: fruity bitter cherryhints full-bodied, cream, spicy clove, fine delicately acidity
Country of origin: DK
Kind: Other Liqueur



This exotic cherry liquer is made from the danish Stevn cherries. You can enjoy the liquer pure with fresh and fruity hints and it is suitable for all occasions. Due to the 3 years maturing in oak timer casks from France the cherry has its excellent flavor. The best way to consume the liquer is without the mixture with other drinks. The cherry looks strong and intensive.


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