Tivoli beer 3x0.0.33L gift pack

Size : 0.99
Unit : l
Alcohol by volume : 5.57
Country of origin : DK
Kind : Beer


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Vienna Note Pils: Vienna Note Pils is brewed with Czech floor-malted barley, Cara Munich Type 1 malt and the finest Czech Saaz and Kazbeck hops. From Tivoli Gardens we have added a dash of honey, pumpkins and apples. The result is crisp and refreshing with subtle fruity notes. Rose Leaf Amber Ale: For this Red Ale our brew master have used pilsner and ale malts, Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand and Pacific Gem hops from North America. Finally he added rosehips and rose leaves from Tivoli Gardens. The result is full-bodies, yet gentle dark ale with subtle fragrant notes. Golden Tower IPA: Given the task of creating the Golden Tower IPA our brew master decided to go for plenty of delicate Citra, Simcoe and Pacific Gem hops. Inspired by Tivoli Gardens he then added rhubarb, rose hips, thyme and a touch of honey to give this IPA its unique and refreshing character.


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