Torres 10 Imperial Brandy Gran Reserva, 1L

Torres 10 Imperial Brandy Gran Reserva, 1L 1 liter
1 liter
Size: 1
Unit: l
Alcohol by volume: 38
Tasting Notes: Torres 10- Gran Reserva is one of our finest brandies. We have been producing it for generations. After distillation, Torres 10 - Gran Reserva is aged in our famous family celler in hand-made oak barrels, using the renowned Spanish Solera System. After long and careful ageing, we are able to obtain the fine, distinctive character of a very noble brandy. Only then can we call it a Gran Reserva. The blend of soleras displays a fine topaz colour, an intense bouquet of dried fruits with warm hints of cinnamon and an extremely smooth palate.
Country of origin: ES
Kind: Brandy


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In 1946, despite a difficult and turbulent time in history, Miguel Torres Carbó created Torres 10, Brandy Torres's flagship brand. The careful selection of grapes, distillation and prolonged aging in top-quality oak casks make Torres 10 a spirit of extraordinary flavor and aroma; characteristics that have made it the most widely sold Brandy Gran Reserva in the world. The aging process uses the Solera System, which gently blends the spirits as they age. This dynamic system allows for consistent, balanced aging, because the vintages blend continuously. Doing so maintains the freshest expression of varietal character as the newly distilled spirit blends with older brandies to acquire depth and structure. The resulting spirit is aromatic, intense, expressive, structured and voluptuous. The palate reveals silky, unctuous notes that gain structure and firmness from the tannins imparted by the wood during prolonged aging.


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