Islay Mist

Islay Mist Deluxe 40% 1L

Size : 1
Unit : l
Alcohol by volume : 40.00
Tasting Notes : Nose: Peat, seaweed and grain Palate: Surprisingly light and crisp but still has peat coming through Finish: Citrus and smoke
Country of origin : GB
Kind : Scotch Whisky


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Islay Mist Deluxe was the first whisky to proudly bear the Great Seal of Islay. Using larger amounts and better quality single malts than any other blended whisky at its price, Islay Mist is the perfect blend both for newcomers to the wonders of Islay Scotch whiskies and to the hardened Islay fan looking for all the Islay experience without breaking the bank.


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