Aviator Lounge


Cosy lounge, with stunning views of takeoff and landing runways. The lounge is furnished with beautiful Danish design furniture.

It costs 155 DKK for access, payable at the entrance by credit card. There is also access to a range of customers, from those airlines which have signed an agreement with the lounge.

Amenities: Coffee, tea and biscuits, bread, cold cuts, salad and cheese, snacks, beer and wine, soft drinks and juices, fresh fruit.

Free wifi, international newspapers and magazines, charging options, print options, a free computer.

Price of admission: 155 DKK

Opening hours:

Sunday - Friday: 5.00 - 20.30

Saturday: 5.00 - 20.00


Terminal 2 between Gate A and B, on the 1st floor. There is access by elevator and stairs.