Baby food through security

You are allowed to bring baby food in the carry-on luggage. Containers can exceed 100 ml but need to be stored in transparent plastic bags and placed on the conveyor.

At some airports, you can experience that the baby food will be subject to further inspection.

You can bring infant formula powder, pastes, ready-mixed formula milk etc. in your carry-on luggage as baby food are exempt from the otherwise applicable liquid rules. The security staff may ask to taste the baby food in order to secure its authenticity.

However, please note that the above does not apply to water. The containers are displayed separately in connection with the passage of security checkpoints and the volume are accepted based on what is reasonable for the length of the journey.

By the toilets in Terminal 2 after security there is a nursing room where you can warm up your prepacked baby bottles and baby food in a microwave. There is also room to sit and breastfeed.