Assistance Centre

The Assistance Centre is located centrally in the airport and is the core of the Copenhagen Airport’s disability service. One of the tasks of the Assistance Centre is to collect and coordinate all advance bookings by persons with reduced mobility (PRMs). The Assistance Centre is also a waiting room for PRMs in transit or waiting for assistance. 

Designed in collaboration with the DPOD and the SBI
The Assistance Centre will be ready for use by 26 July 2008 when the disability service comes into force. The Assistance Centre has been designed in close collaboration with the Disabled Peoples Organisations in Denmark (DPOD) and the Danish Building Research Institute (SBI)

Toilet facilities
The toilet in the Assistance Centre is nine square metres and the door width is 1.10 metre. In addition to the toilet and wash basin, the toilet has a shower and a bench.

Rest cabin
At the request of the DPOD and the SBI, a rest area has also been established featuring a plank bed for travellers needing a rest.
The entrance to the 190-square-metre Assistance Centre is in the Transfer Centre immediately after the security checkpoint. The waiting area for disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility is 85 square metres.