Meeting points

At Copenhagen Airport there are six meeting points where you can contact Falck's PRM service.

If you need assistance upon arrival at the airport, go to the nearest meeting point marked in red or to the Assistance Center marked with a yellow sign.

At each point, there is a blue pole with a telephone on. Press the button on the phone and you will get in contact with a Falck assistant who will order the PRM service and notify you of a pickup time.

For deaf people; a green lamp on the pole will illuminate the text: "Your call is registered. Handicap assistance is on your way".

Assistance for the blind or visually impaired

If you as a blind or visually impaired are arriving at the airport by train, you have the option to call or send an SMS to Falck, who will pick you up at the station. Use this phone number and specify the time you arrive and on which track: Phone 51 58 87 06.

The meeting points are located

  • On the west end of Terminal 2
  • In P-house 4, where there is a disabled parking area
  • In the arcade between Terminals 2 and 3
  • Just after the security check
  • On the west side of Terminal 3 opposite DSB
  • At the metro station

Additional assistance on arrival

You can make an appointment for assistance on arrival, which gives you the opportunity to get assistance:

  • From the flight seat when the other passengers have left the aircraft
  • Accompaniment from the plane to the baggage claim
  • Collection of luggage from the baggage carousel
  • Further companion through passport and customs control
  • The assistance ends when you reach your desired meeting point