Security scanners

Copenhagen Airport has introduced new security scanners at security checkpoints.

Authorities believe that explosives form an increasing danger to plane travel. As a consequence, Copenhagen Airport provides additional security measures in the form of security scanners which can reveal non-metallic objects on a person.

The security scanner is safe to pass through

It is safe to pass through the security scanner, even in case of pregnancy or pacemakers.

How does the security scanner work?

The scanner uses a safe and well-tested technology that we already know from radio and TV-sets, namely non-ionized electromagnetic waves.

The scanner locates objects on a person which are concealed under clothing and offers a supplementary approach to existing methods, such as metal detectors.

It works by reflecting the electromagnetic waves off an individual’s skin to produce an outline image of the person’s body showing any concealed or potentially dangerous objects.

The image on the screen shows indications of possible threat areas on a `gingerbread man’ image. The security officer uses this information to determine if a physical search is required.
The image of the passenger will not be saved, printed or sent to any third-party devices.

As a passenger, you have the right to refuse screening. In that case, you will be screened using alternative methods.