Advice through security

No matter your destination, you must go through Airport Security. Here are some tips for a quick and easy passage through security.

All security staff has an obligation to seize or reject items that they consider a threat to the flight safety.

At the security checkpoint be aware that

  • Have your boarding pass ready to be scanned at the automatic turnstile to get into the Security Check area. Place the boarding pass in your carry-on bag after the boarding control.
  • At the Security Check, take of your outerwear and place it in one of the grey trays together with your keys, wallet, coins, cellphone and all other items (including items of non-metallic material) in your pockets, to have them screened in the x-ray machine.
  • Electronic devices such as PCs, iPads /tablets, cameras and liquids must also be taken out of your carry-on baggage and placed in a tray, side by side, not on top of each other.
  • You will be asked to go through a metal detector, which detects any metallic objects in your body and pockets.
  • The detector sounds an audible alarm if a metallic object is detected. If you have forgotten to place all metal objects in the tray, you will be asked to empty the forgotten items in a separate tray to be sent through the X-ray machine and you will pass through the metal detector again.
  • Even if you do NOT have metal on your person, the metal detector may select you for a random check.
  • If the detector alarm continues after all metal items have been removed, the security staff will refer you to a separate security scan.

The separate security scan takes place in the following way

  • A member of security staff will ask you to stand in a marked circle in the middle of the scanner.
  • You will be asked to raise your arms and turn 360 degrees while the screening is performed. After the scan, you will be informed of the scan result.
  • If the security scanner does not detect anything, you can continue your journey without further inspection.
  • If the security scanner triggers an alarm, a targeted manual frisk search will be conducted in the areas marked by the security scanner.
  • If the security scanner marks several points on your body, it may be necessary to perform a manual frisk search of your whole person. However, this is very rare.
  • If requested, a female security staff is always available to conduct searches on female passengers.

Security Scanners at Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport introduced additional Security in August 2015, which detect non-metallic items on persons.

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CPH Express

Copenhagen Airport has two "Express tracks" through the security check. This is a service some airlines offer their passengers on business class, 1st class or travellers with Norwegian Flex tickets.

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Get easily through the
security checkpoint

See the video how to best get through security checkpoint at Copenhagen Airport.