Precautions in Copenhagen Airport

Which precautions have CPH taken to minimize the risk of spread of COVID-19?

We follow the directions of the authorities and work hard to ensure that we do not have too many passengers gathered in one place and try to spread them out as much as possible. We have employees present who communicate that it is important to keep a distance. Further, we continuously communicate the message through speaker calls. Further, disinfection spray has been set up throughout the airport and extra at the passport control. If they are not visible, we have employees present who can provide access to disinfection spray.

How does CPH relate to the ban on not gathering more than 10 people at one place?

The ban is not applicable for airports and other public transportation. However, we are following the guidelines from the Danish authorities regarding the COVID-19 crisis, and we are taking the recommended precautions regarding minimizing physical interactions including upstaffing, increase speaker calls, introducing a maximum number of passengers in buses and installing queue management.

What can you do to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19?

We encourage you to always follow the guidelines from the authorities, including:

  • Keeping a distance and paying attention
  • Coughing and sneezing in the sleeve
  • Washing hands and using disinfection spray
  • Minimizing physical contact