Self service passport control

If you are travelling outside Schengen, you must go through the passport control. In Copenhagen Airport there is self-service passport control at Pier C.

Passengers arriving and departing from the Schengen area can use the self-service passport control at Pier C, which allows passengers to scan their passport by themselves.

Who can use the self-service passport control?

In order for you to use the automatic self-service passport control, the following criteria must be met:

  1. You must have a so-called electronic passport with a chip. An electronic passport can be recognized by having this symbol on the front page.
  2. You must be 18 years or older.
  3. You must be either EU, EEA or Swiss citizen.

If the above does not apply to you, use one of the manned passport controls that are located next to the automatic scanners.

Manned passport control

The manned passport controls are divided between "EU, EEA and CH" and "All Passports".

The "EU, EEA and CH" boxes are reserved for nationals of EU and EEA countries and Swiss citizens who can not use the self-service passport control.

Families with children under the age of 18, where everyone has passports from a European country, should use the "EU, EEA & CH" queue.

The "All Passports" stands can be used by all nationalities. They will primarily be used by citizens from non-EU countries. If you have a passport from a European country but are accompanied by people who have a non-EU passport, you can use the "All Passports" queue together. 

Shopping carts and further assistance

If you use one of the shopping carts around the airport, you are allowed to bring it through the manned passports stations. However, you can not take the cart with you through the self-service passport control.

Staff will be available to assist when you reach passport area. You can identify them by their orange jerseys.