Odd-size bagage

Odd-size baggage is special baggage, that for some reason cannot be dropped off at the regular check-in counters or bagdrop

Notice: The rules for odd-size baggage can vary from each airline. It is recommended that you check the baggage rules for your airline, before your journey.

Firstly, odd-size baggage must be checked in at the counter for your airline. Odd-size baggage should have a bag tag like regular luggage.

Always remember to include name, phone number and e-mail adress on your suitcase and odd-size baggage. If you do not possess a permanent nametag, a temporary nametag can be found in the Information, or by contacting your airline. 

Examples of odd-size baggage:

  • Skies
  • Bicycles
  • Weapons*
  • Stroller/Push-chair
  • Televisions
  • Big sports equipment like surfboards, kitesurfing-equipment etc.
  • Music instruments
  • Baggage weighing more than 32 kg.
  • Other kinds of baggage, that is too large for regular transport belts.

*Special rules apply for weapons in your luggage.

Read more about weapons in your luggage here. (link til våbenside)

Odd-size delivery spots

There are two odd-size delivery spots in Copenhagen Airport:

  • Terminal 2: This delivery spot is used by the handling companmies Aviator and CFS. It is located at the end of Terminal 2, next to counter 154.

  • Terminal 3: This is used by SGH (SAS Ground Handling) and is located at the SAS Ticketoffice and Starbucks.

Check who handles the luggage for your airline here.

Opening hours for Odd-Size

  • Terminal 2: 04:00 - 21:30 (Can be later, if there are late departures)
  • Terminal 3: 05:00 - 23:00