How to travel with weapons and ammunition

The rules for travelling with firearms and ammunition may vary from airline to airline. It is therefore important to contact your airline well in advance of your trip.

Before your trip, we also recommend checking that your firearms licence is valid for the duration of the journey. For example, you may have layovers at airports where there are additional requirements for transporting weapons. Read more here: Våben til og fra udlandet | Våben | Politi

How to check in with firearms and ammunition

When you arrive at the airport, proceed to the check-in desk in terminal 2 or 3. Here you present your firearms licence and other travel documents, and will be provided with the necessary documents and tags for Security’s firearms check.

Travel outside the EU

If you are travelling outside the EU or travelling with special equipment such as a silencer or night-vision scope, special rules apply. In such a case, you must therefore report to the Customs desk.

Security firearms check

After check-in and any visit to Customs, go to Security’s firearms check in Terminal 3 by desk 50.

Here you ring the bell to speak to Security staff, who will check:

  1. the validity of your firearms licence
  2. that the firearm is not loaded
  3. that the firearm is disassembled and that vital parts are packed separately
  4. that the quantity of ammunition does not exceed 5 kg and that it is securely packed in its original packaging
  5. that any weapons oil is in its original packaging and does not have hazard symbols

After the firearms check, you can go directly to Security.