Checked-in luggage

The rules for how much luggage you may carry with you onto the plane vary from airline to airline.

For this reason, we recommend you contact the airline you will be flying with if you have any questions about how much baggage you are permitted to bring or about the possible size and weight restrictions.

Please note that suitcases must not be fastened with padlocks, fabric ties or rubber bands, and belts must not be strapped around the suitcase as they risk becoming stuck on the conveyor belts during transportation. 

To ensure that your luggage is sorted quickly and correctly, old luggage tags and self-adhesive barcodes must be removed before check-in.

Prohibited items

There are only a few restrictions on what you can bring in your checked-in luggage. However, please be aware that weapons and ammunition in legal possession must be notified at the check-in desk.

As a rule, it is not allowed to bring the following:

  • Explosive, corrosive and flammable substances such as camping gas, liquor, paint, etc.
  • Flammable gases, magnetic materials, bleaches and anesthetics.
  • Fireworks and emergency blasts.

NOTE: In case of doubt, ask your airline or handling company in good time before departure.

To see a detailed list of prohibited articles, we refer to EU's official guidline for air travellers which can be found here.

Metal suitcases

If you travel with a suitcase made of aluminium or other metal material, it must be dropped at the odd size luggage at Terminal 3. This is due to the slippery surface of the metal which causes problems in the automated baggage handling.

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