Below you can read about the different check-in options at Copenhagen Airport

How and when you can check in depends on your airline. Click the link below to see what check-in options your airline has:

Available check-in options for each airline

We recommend online Check-in

To minimise the spread of infection, we encourage passengers to check in online prior to arrival at the airport, if possible.

If you already have checked in from home, you can easily print your baggage tag by using the contactless tagomat.

Self-Service Check-in 

At Copenhagen Airport, there are 133 total machines where you can check-in. You can not only check-in yourself, but in some case even your baggage and also, you can choose your seat on the plane.

When you check in using a self-service check-in, enter the number on your ticket or scan your barcode. You will then print out your boarding pass and depending on the airline also bag tags.

You must put on your bagtag on your luggage and it must be handed in at a desk with self baggage drop.

Check-in counters

If you check in at the counter, you must have your ticket and your passport ready, and possibly a valid visa.

At the counter, your baggage is weighed, checked in and then transported to your plane. You must take your hand baggage on board the aircraft.

Online check-in

Some airlines have the option to check-in online, via the company's website or app. Other airlines also make it possible to check in by replying to an SMS, which you will receive before departure.

Once you have checked in with one of these methods, print bag tags at one of the machines and then leave your baggage at a baggage drop desk